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bride and groom posing and kissing under a clear umbrella at their wedding

What To Do When It Rains on Your Wedding Day

bride and groom posing and kissing under a clear umbrella at their wedding

You have planned this day for months, maybe even years. Your childhood dream is coming true! Your wedding day arrives and the forecast calls for a chance of showers. Bummed out, your first reaction is to panic and maybe even cry, but your big day should only call for a chance of happiness! Rain on your wedding day should not ruin your fairytale wedding. Whether the reception is outdoors or indoors, Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park, NJ can help you get through those rainy day blues and make your wedding a dream day, no matter the weather!

Plan for 100% Chance of Rain

When you’re wedding planning, always make those “what if” assumptions. By doing so, you can have an adequate backup plan in case you do have a rainy wedding day. No matter if it’s a light drizzle or heavy rain, you should have Plan B ready to go so there is no added stress when your day arrives. Your wedding venue will most likely be very accommodating to your new plans because inclement weather cannot be avoided.

Communicate with Your Vendors

Before you hire any vendors for your wedding, talk to them about how they work on a rainy day. Will the florist need to rearrange the flowers? Will the DJ or band be able to set up all of their equipment? These are all important factors to consider before you sign any contracts. In most cases, vendors are more cautious on rainy days and will pay extra attention to their work. This works out in favor of the couple because these processes are actually likely to go more smoothly!  Another positive aspect to consider is that flowers last longer in the rain. Think about how excited you are to see your beautifully-crafted floral arrangements. With a little rain shower, those flowers are sure to last all night and stand out better than ever!

Talk to Your Venue

When planning for rain, talk to your venue about their rainy day offers and options. Put them in contact with your wedding planner or maid of honor to see how they can help you make this the best day of your life. If you arranged for an outdoor ceremony, a tent may be offered to rent, or there may be an indoor space to relocate to. Regardless if there is just a sprinkle or buckets of rain, no venue wants an unhappy couple, so if you work with the venue, they will be more than happy to work right back!

Embrace the Rain

Who said rain is bad luck? According to the old wives’ tale, the knot in “tying the knot” will become wet from the rain and become harder to break, hence making the marriage stronger. Corresponding to that tale, rain on your wedding day may actually be good luck! Who knew? If the forecast calls for a bearable drizzle, make the best of it! Offer umbrellas to the guests, set up heat lamps for cocktail hour, and spray on some extra hairspray in the bathroom! With different weather predictions than expected, guests will sure have something to chat about, which in hindsight will make your wedding remembered for decades to come!

Take Unique Wedding Photos

Have you ever taken a photo outside on a gloomy day in the rain? Did you look back at it and think to yourself that the lighting was perfect and the wet pavement and grass looked just beautiful? Now imagine yourself in that scenario, but on your wedding day. Pictures of you and your new spouse will be beyond unique. Have your wedding party carry dainty umbrellas, add in fun rain boots, and celebrate this big day! Make your wedding photos the ultimate rainy day activity. There may even be a chance for a rainbow, which will bring even more luck for the new couple!

Garden State Wedding Venues

New Jersey weather may be unpredictable at times, but if you choose a venue like Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park, NJ, we will be sure to make your wedding day the ultimate dream. Featured on The Knot’s best wedding picks, Brooklake Country Club is your ultimate venue choice. Contact us today to schedule a tour and to find out how we can make your wedding dreams come true, rain or shine.

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