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a wedding table display with green winter vines, candles, and place settings

Everyone knows that wedding planning can be a very stressful undertaking. Every bride and groom to-be has their own ideas about what they want their wedding to be like, and knowing about popular wedding trends can make planning even easier. Trends ebb and flow over time, especially with the seasons, so read on to learn more about the most relevant wedding trends for fall and winter 2018!

Hanging Floral Arrangements

No wedding would be complete without flower arrangements decorating the reception space, but if you want to mix it up and align your wedding with what’s trendy, consider trying out hanging floral arrangements. There are so many ways that you can go about this, as the possibilities are endless! A canopy of flowers will give your reception a whimsical vibe, or you can hang pots and flowers for a more boho wedding feel. Hanging arrangements can be DIY-ed as well. You can create simple arrangements with your chosen flowers and supplies from the nearest craft store! With flowers hanging from the ceiling and above your tables, you’ll catch your guests’ attention as soon as they arrive.

Black Accents

Black might not be the first color that pops into your mind when you think about weddings, but it has become very popular to include splashes of black throughout wedding decorations in 2018. Including black in your table settings, flower arrangements, and other elements within your wedding helps them to stand out, and can also fit a gothic theme if your wedding is taking place in the fall. It all depends on what your personal tastes are, and if black doesn’t seem like the color for you, you can think about experimenting with it. Less is more when it comes to accent details! The more unique, the more unforgettable.

Rustic Atmosphere

Going for a rustic theme and atmosphere for your wedding will make it feel cozy and intimate, which is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. Common color schemes for a rustic wedding include shades of beige, brown, green, white, and sometimes pale pink. Colors like these can be incorporated into your centerpieces and flower arrangements, as well as structural elements of your layout (such as a wooden arch for an outdoor ceremony). Wooden tabletops are perfectly matched to this theme, and another common trend is using mason jars for small arrangements on the tables, and even for drinks! If your wedding is in the fall, you can use seasonal colors to your advantage, and if you’re getting married in the winter, you can use the lack of colors in nature to make the pieces of your wedding stand out.

Woodland Elements

Filling your wedding with woodland themes and decorations is a trend that is becoming more and more popular, and pairs wonderfully with the colors of fall or the snowy whiteness of winter. Some woodland wedding ideas include hanging lights from trees in the vicinity (and then having the reception outside), incorporating natural-looking foliage into your bouquets, using plants (not just flowers) as decorations and place settings at your tables, and making sure that the theme carries over into even the smallest details of your big day. When your invitations, welcome signs, favors, etc all match your theme, the wedding will be even more cohesive and aesthetically-successful. The fall and winter are the most beautiful times of year, so it’s the perfect chance to incorporate natural details into your wedding.

2018 Weddings at Brooklake Country Club

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