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Top Wedding Trends of 2020


Once deciding on your date, diving into wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming. The new year is rapidly approaching and if your wedding is in 2020 it’s time to knuckle down and get to planning. If you’re feeling stumped by lack of inspiration, don’t worry, here are some of the top wedding trends of 2020.

1. Clear and Watercolor Acrylic Signage

For the upcoming 2020 wedding season, an easy way to stay on trend without breaking the bank is to utilize large clear pieces of acrylic as signage. You can use a gold or white marker and write out your bar menu, a welcome sign for your ceremony, or reception seating charts. You can even use smaller pieces of acrylic for place cards. If you’re really looking to get crafty you can lightly brush on paint before you write on your sign, using light brush strokes and leaving the edges of the board unpainted will make the background look like watercolor and give your wedding a very soft romantic feel.

2. Hanging Florals or Flower Walls

Rather than having elaborate floral arrangements on tables in your reception space, the 2020 bride is going for a more whimsical take on flowers for their big day. When you use hanging florals it takes away the need for large table arrangements, therefore allowing more space for your guests and enhances functionality.  If hanging flowers from the ceiling of your reception space or tent is not an option for you, then you can use the alternative flower wall. Flower walls provide a great background for photos and still give the space a playful feel. 

3. Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Having bridesmaids choose their dresses can be a little scary at first because they will be in photos that you’ll have forever! To make sure that all the dresses work well together you can set guidelines such as they must all be the same length, color or shade, but different shapes, neckline, and textures. Another way to achieve the mix and match look is to allow your bridesmaids to choose dresses from a certain collection by a dress designer. Many trendy wedding designers are making collections of bridesmaids dresses that are all made of the same material and color, just different shapes. Choosing a line of dresses and allowing your bridal party to choose dresses from that collection will allow them to wear and be confident in dresses that suit their body shape and style. Having your bridesmaids wear all different dresses can give your wedding photos a more eclectic, and not have that ‘matchy’ look. 

4. 2020 Wedding Color Schemes

Popular 2020 wedding color schemes are burgundy, navy, and grey, which are perfect for fall or winter weddings because they incorporate seasonal colors while providing a sophisticated feel to anyone’s big day. Mauve, tan and ivory are gorgeous hues for a spring or summer wedding. For a bolder look or pop of color opt for a brighter shade of mauve for a feminine, romantic vibe. Lastly burnt orange, sage green, and ivory are all versatile colors that can work great for any season and will bring beauty and warmth to all your wedding photos. If multiple colors don’t suit your fancy, many brides in 2020 will be going for a monochrome look. Using different shades of the same color can make your big day stand out amongst others. Many couples choose to accomplish a monochrome look by using only black and white, from everything to décor, flowers, photos, etc. This makes for a very elegant and crisp looking ceremony and reception setting.  No matter what you choose, multi-color or monochrome, brides are going big for 2020 wedding color schemes.

5. Minimal Wedding Décor

In 2020, couples are going for a more minimalistic look when it comes to wedding décor. To make more of an impact on their guests’, brides are focusing on the little details like texture, color, and overall vibe without overwhelming reception tables and ceremony spaces with décor. If you’re going for a minimalistic wedding choose some stand out pieces and allow them to speak for themselves, let other décor or floral arrangements to simply accent the bolder items. Minimalistic decor can still help you pull off a glamorous or dramatic feel while having a clean, sharp, minimal look.

Trending 2020 Wedding Venue in New Jersey 

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