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white and pink roses on a table at a rustic wedding venue

How Do I Choose From the Wedding Venues Near Me?

white and pink roses on a table at a rustic wedding venue

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest and most memorable days of your life. It is important that every aspect of it is perfect so that you and your family have fond memories to look back on for years to come. The venue you choose for your celebration makes all the difference – your chosen location will determine the accommodation space, décor, and much more. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the right wedding venue near you.

The Atmosphere

This is the most crucial part of choosing a venue – what type of wedding do you want to have? Are you looking for an upscale event, or a small informal gathering with friends and family? The venue’s aesthetic will determine the overall mood of your event, so be sure to keep your vision for your wedding in mind. When you tour the grounds of a possible venue, ask yourself and your partner if you both can envision having your dream wedding in that space. If what you see does not fit what you dream, look at other venue options.

The Staff

The staff at your wedding is just as important as the venue. Depending on their attitude and competency, the management and staff at your venue can either make or break your wedding. The venue management should do their best to accommodate your needs, including letting you decorate as much as you want. On your wedding day, the staff should be able to serve your guests without any interruption. If you love the venue but feel that its staff is not the best, reconsider booking there. When you sign for a venue, you should have the contact information for the manager of the staff, as you two will be working together closely to make your dreams for your special day come true.


What is the rate for an event? What is the overtime rate? Are gratuities included in the pricing? What is the payment schedule? Is the deposit refundable? These are all questions that should be answered in your contract. If not, be diligent and make sure that you get the answers you need, so that there is no confusion and stress later on in managing your wedding budget.


Depending on how big you want your wedding to be, the size of the space you choose is very important. Does the venue have space for all of your wedding décor? Is there room to accommodate everyone attending your reception? If you are planning to book a live band or a DJ, make sure the venue has the space and the electrical power specs for them to perform in front of all your guests. Everyone at your wedding should have enough room to eat, dance, and laugh with each other on your special day. You should also ask how many bathrooms are available, and how handicap-accessible the venue is.


Does your venue offer a catering service? This will save you time and money because you won’t have to search for an outside service. If they don’t have their own catering service, do they have an approved list of caterers you can choose from? Some venues do not allow the hiring of vendors outside of their approved list. Wedding venues may also have a restriction on the food and drink they’re willing to serve. Ask if you’re allowed to bring your own liquor – it could save you money, but there may also be a corkage fee by the venue (the price for the waiters to open and pour your alcohol).

Booking Time and Plans

Does your venue double-book, or do they have a “one event venue” policy? If the wedding venue double-books days, take that into consideration. If your wedding reception runs over time, they may rush you out to begin preparing for another event taking place that same day. Another factor to think about is back-up plans. What if the weather is too terrible for an outside wedding reception? Some venues offer inside accommodations and other back-up event planning should the weather or an emergency change your wedding plans.

Book Your Perfect Wedding Venue at Brooklake Country Club

Choosing a wedding venue can be the most difficult but most rewarding part of your wedding planning. Come tour the grounds at Brooklake Country Club, where we are sure to provide the perfect picturesque backdrop for your special day. We feature an elegant 3,000 square foot ballroom and a world-class catering service, and we are fully dedicated to bringing your wedding dreams to life. We are also a one-event venue, so you can be assured that your wedding will receive our undivided attention. Contact us today to learn more about how Brooklake Country Club can help make your wedding dreams come true.

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