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Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Holiday Wedding


There are advantages and disadvantages of having your wedding in every season, but we’re here to help you tackle the biggest ones for your winter wedding. The temperature dropped and the snow is coming down. There is no need to become discouraged if you are trying to plan your perfect winter wedding. Holiday weddings can be a bit stressful and hectic, but what wedding planning isn’t! Stick to these do’s and don’ts when planning your winter wedding and everything will be just fine.


1.Take Advantage of Time Off

When the holiday season rolls around there is more opportunity for time off, use this time wisely! Take your time off to plan, take care of last-minute details, and assure that all the details for your big day are coming together. 

2.Take Advantage of Family and Friends Being in Town

When friends and family travel in for the holidays, help them hit two birds with one stone by planning pre-wedding events like bridal showers and bachelorette parties, etc. around times when they will be in town. It reduces their travel costs, and more people are likely to come because they will be around anyways. 

3. Play into the Seasonal Themes 

There are multitudes of ways to play into the seasonal trends at your wedding. Choosing winter wonderland décor, or wintery color pallet. If the winter-themed decorations aren’t your thing, you can easily incorporate other seasonal trends. For example, make your guests feel warm and cozy on a cold winter night with some winter cocktails, like cranberry cosmos and muddled ciders. Use the season to your benefit and fully immerse your guests in your holiday season wedding. 

4. Utilize the Snowy Season for Photo Backgrounds

Instead of being upset about the winter weather during your wedding use the picturesque snowy tree line and perfect, crisp background for your wedding photos. Baring the frigid temperatures will be worth the beautiful photos you’ll have forever.


1. Plan Anything too Close to Major holidays

If you’re planning a wedding during the holidays, then be careful about having an event too close to the holiday itself. Many people will be traveling to see family, which may be good because family may be traveling to see you, but your friends may not. It is better to stay away from the week right before or right after a major holiday in order to have everyone you love sharing this special time with you.  


2. Choose a Destination Wedding

Since your guests will most likely be traveling enough to see family during the holidays, asking them to travel abroad to go to your wedding may be unrealistic. It is likely that many of your guests won’t show. The cost of traveling, holiday presents, and wedding presents can be a burden to your guests. You want them to want to be apart of your special day and enjoy it with you, not stress over how they are going to afford it. 

3. Push the Budget

Pushing the budget at any time of the year on your wedding may not always be worth it. In the moment you may think you absolutely need the extra flowers or bigger limousine but blowing your budget on things that don’t make that big of a difference won’t make or break your wedding day. Especially around the holidays where you have gifts to give, and places to travel to see your family. Pushing your budget will only add post-wedding stress. 

4. Forget About the Temperature

Though you may be distracted from the cold on the happiest day of your life, your guests will not. As the bride and groom, you will most likely be catered to by close friends, family and event planners, but you have to look out for your guests as well. That mountain view may be gorgeous but we’re sure your guest would better enjoy it looking through a window. Be sure that things like receiving lines, cocktail hour, and ceremonies will be happening where your guests can cozy up away from the cold. If your guests are also depending on your planning for transportation, be sure that the timing of your pick up and drop off from venue to venue are accurate so your guests aren’t waiting in the cold too long.

Host the Perfect Holiday Wedding in New Jersey 

Brooklake Country Club’s in-house event planner and catering staff will take care of all the details for your winter wedding. They will be sure that every part of your big day from planning to the day of will go smoothly. Their grand ballroom with floor to ceiling windows will allow you to enjoy the snow-covered golf field while staying snug indoors. Brooklake offers in house planning, catering, and beautiful ceremony and reception spaces. It’s your one-stop shop when it comes to planning your holiday wedding. The holiday season can be stressful enough, allow Brooklake Country Club’s experienced staff to help you plan the wedding of your dreams with ease.

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