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7 Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas Perfect For Any Teen

Planning a sweet sixteen can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to make your party stand out from the rest. Continue reading to find out some sweet sixteen party ideas that will make your party unique to you and guaranteeing your guests have the time of your lives!

1.     ‘Sweet’ Sixteen

The best kind of birthday is a sweet one, playing on the phrase ‘sweet sixteen’ having a candy or sweets themed party will blow your guests away. Use hard candy as décor, like a lollipop bouquet as table centerpieces or life-size candy land game board pieces on the floor of your venue. This stand out decor will sure to impress your party guests and make sure that they feel the sugar rush before they leave your party.

2.     Sports Tournament

This is no usual sweet sixteen party theme, but it’s sure to be tons of fun. After you receive RSVPs, create rosters and teams of your guests for your sweet sixteen birthday tournament. Then start choosing ‘events’ like wiffle ball, dodgeball, volleyball, flag football, kan jam, or any other game that involves teams – rather than one person players. Assign an ‘event’ to each round and from there, create a bracket, where as you play and teams win or lose, they can either be eliminated or advance to the next round. One team will come out on top and so will you for having such an original party theme!

3.   A Night at the Masquerade

Masquerade themed sweet sixteen can bring glitz, glamour, and mystery to any party. Ask all your guests to come wearing decorated masks, or you can provide the masks on a welcome table upon entering the venue. Then deck out your ballroom with black and gold balloons, and tall feathery centerpieces, to immerse your guests in your elegant party theme.

4. Full Dessert Display  

There’s no better way to please your guests than a full dessert display. If committing to the whole candy land theme isn’t your thing, you can still play into the ‘sweet’ sixteen theme by impressing your guests with a full dessert table. If you have a specific color scheme make your desserts like cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops, that match those colors. But if baked goods aren’t your go-to source of sugar, then some other ideas can include having custom M&Ms with your name and color scheme, colored rock candy or jars of candy, so your guests can make goody bags to take home!

5.   Simple Sweet Sixteen

If you’re looking for a more low-key sweet sixteen, then having a more intimate day time party may be perfect for you. To accomplish this, have your party in a smaller event space where you will be able to interact with all your guests and spend time with them, whereas if you had a larger party it’d be less likely that you would be able to see all your guests and truly enjoy their company. For a daytime sweet sixteen, a simple luncheon theme with pastel-colored décor and finger foods is a great idea!

6. Classic Backyard BBQ

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go, and there’s nothing better than a backyard barbecue with friends. Serve some burgers and hot dogs, play some backyard games like corn hole or ultimate Frisbee, and you’ll be sure to have a blast on your big day! 

7. Black, White, and Bold

This striking theme is for the party host that wants to stand out on their big day, the kind of person who is the life of the party, and wants to be the center of their sweet sixteen bash. For this theme, request your guests to wear only back or white, while the birthday boy or girl wears a brighter, stand out color like pink, red, or blue. Then continue this theme into your decorations. Use mainly blacks and whites and use accents of the same color you choose to wear. This will make sure your guests always have their eyes on you for your special birthday!

Sweet Sixteen Venue in Morris County, NJ 

You only turn sixteen once, make sure you celebrate it right! For all sweet sixteen ideas, Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park New Jersey, is the ideal location for your birthday bash. Our grand ballroom is the perfect setting for the most glamorous or low-key sweet sixteen parties. Brooklake Country Club’s in-house catering and event planning staff help you plan your big day throughout every step. Contact us to schedule a tour of our gorgeous event spaces and to get started on planning your sweet sixteen party today!

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