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6 Tips to Make The Most Out of Your Summer Wedding

bride and groom in sunsetSummer wedding season is officially here! With that, means beautiful greenery, fresh flowers, and hot summer days.  From a warm summer breeze to a golden hour glow, an outdoor summer wedding venue is the perfect backdrop to exchange vows. Hosting an outdoor wedding is a magical experience, However, the dog days of summer have also arrived. If you don’t prepare your “I Do’s’” for the climate, your guest may say ”I Don’t!” Here are six summer wedding ideas to beat the heat this wedding season, which will make you and your guests happy and comfortable.

1. Before Wedding Do’s

Before the wedding starts, it’s a great idea to make the guest feel comfortable the moment they arrive. Welcome your guests with a cool refreshing beverage, like an ice tea or lemonade, they will instantly cool down and revived for the ceremony ahead. If you were planning pre-party favors, it may be fun to hand out sunglasses or a paper fan as well!

2. Have Your Ceremony in the Evening

No guest or wedding party wants to be in the sun all afternoon. It is advised if your ceremony is outside, to have it start around the five o’clock hour. This way guests aren’t in the blazing sun, pictures are a little softer, and the happy couple gets more time in the day to get ready! It’s a win-win for everyone. Maximizing the cooler times of day will only be beneficial –  I mean who doesn’t love a sunset ceremony and evening reception? If the party goes on until late in the night it is a great idea to have bug spray accessible to all guests, it’s the time of year for the pesky bugs and no one wants to leave with itchy skin. 

3. Bride Beware

Hair, makeup, the dress, not falling while walking down the aisle- the bride has a lot on her mind on the big day! She can’t let the heat get the best of her natural beauty. If it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Moisture can sabotage any look, it’s best for a bride to not manipulate her hair texture too much. Go for a softer more natural look that you know you can rock all night. Hairspray and updos may be the bride’s best friend in the summer. If you don’t want your whole hair up, put half of it up to add some volume that will last all night. 

4. Flower Power!

Flowers have the power to create a beautiful wedding. No matter the season, flowers don’t last forever. However, in the hot summer months, flowers may wilt unexpectedly! There are a select few flowers that are made to withstand the summer heat and humidity. Look for flowers that have a natural waxy texture, like tulips, dahlias, gardenias, lilies, hydrangeas, and orchids. These particular flowers are more likely to stay fresh throughout the day. It also never hurts to keep a watering can nearby!

5. Food for the Wedding Season

When deciding the plates, pick a light, refreshing dinner menu. There are a time and place for a heavy, decadent five-course meal, unfortunately, a summer wedding is not that time. Try to offer lighter, more refreshing meal options, like grilled fish or chicken, fresh fruit, salad, and seasonal vegetables. This will help guests and the party from feeling extra sluggish on top of the heat. Heavy food and blistering heat do not mix well! During the cocktail hour, serving light meats, cheeses, and bruschetta on a lightly toasted bread will keep guests feeling satisfied and light. Another way to keep the guest cool with their meals is during dessert. Making the wedding cake à la mode will cool-down guests while providing a sweet ice cream treat. 

6. Wedding Colors and Texture Matters 

It may seem obvious, but if you have a summer wedding it’s advised to skip the darker tones and incorporate light airy shades. White, pastels, bright yellows, or corals make for a beautiful summer theme. If your sitting outside you don’t want to be next to a heavy maroon hue. It may be your favorite color but your guest may feel more hot and heavy than they should. Feel for what works best in your space and always choose to lighter fabrics that will keep everyone cool. A sweaty bridal party and guests do not make for chic wedding photos.

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New Jersey summer weddings can’t get any more beautiful than at Brooklake Country Club in Morris County. Your big day will be complete with our wonderful onsite catering, ideal wedding planning, and a naturally beautiful color palette. Outdoor venues and summer wedding days are always a hit, especially if you have your big day at Brooklake Country Club. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your wedding dreams come true.

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