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a couple holding glasses of champagne and smiling at their wedding rehearsal dinner

5 Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Do’s and Don’ts

a couple holding glasses of champagne and smiling at their wedding rehearsal dinner

Practice Makes Perfect! You’ve been planning your dream wedding for quite some time.  It has been nerve-wracking, agonizing, and exciting all at the same time. The rehearsal dinner is a key element for your wedding. It is to ensure that everything will go smoothly on your special day. The rehearsal dinner is about celebrating your love with the people you love- giving a great opportunity for your two families to spend quality time together the night before the big day. Here are 5 wedding rehearsal dinner do’s and don’ts.

#1. Do Scheduling, Don’t Just Wing It

Whether the rehearsal dinner is formal, casual, or somewhere in between, you should first create a schedule for the night.  The rehearsal dinner typically includes speeches, toasts, games, and don’t forget the actual practice for the ceremony. Creating a schedule will keep everyone focused on what they are supposed to do. Following a schedule will also prevent you and your guests from staying up too late before your wedding day.  Although, the night before is such an exhilarating time you should set an early curfew so you and your guests don’t feel hung-over or exhausted- instead feel re-energized and ready to take on the big day.

#2. Do Enjoy, Don’t Over Eat & Drink

‘On my wedding day I want to feel Bloated, Fatigued, Irritable’…SAID NO ONE EVER! It’s important that you enjoy your rehearsal dinner with your guests, but don’t overdo it by eating and drinking too much.  There is probably going to be delicious food during the rehearsal dinner, but make sure to restrain yourself and don’t eat everything in sight.  If you plan a heavy meal for the dinner, eat in moderation.  This is for your best interest for your wedding day – You want to be comfortable and confident the following day.

#3. Do Nearby, Don’t Go Far Far Away

There are a lot of considerable factors when picking the perfect venue for your rehearsal dinner- mainly the location.  If you have guests that will be traveling or unfamiliar with the area, choosing a venue that is close to the wedding location would be an ideal option.  Don’t plan your rehearsal dinner an hour away and require your invitees to travel late and be tired by the time of the evening is finished.  Also, don’t delay booking a venue for your rehearsal dinner, it is recommended that you finalize a rehearsal dinner venue at least four to six months beforehand.

#4. Do Invites, Don’t Invite The World

It is unnecessary for you to invite everyone you know to the rehearsal dinner. The guest list should consist of the entire wedding party, immediate family of the bride and groom, wedding officiants, parents of young bridal party members such as flower girls and ring bearers, plus the spouses and significant others of the bridal party members, and any out of state guests.  You shouldn’t feel forced to invite kids that are not in the wedding, especially if you’ve invited adults only at the ceremony. There is no need to spend a lot of money on the invitations; they shouldn’t outshine your wedding invitations.  It’s recommended that you request receiving RSVP’s from your invitees to know how big of a crowd to expect. It also might be a good idea to inform your guests about the menu for dietary restrictions or if you are just serving appetizers and not a full meal. Your wedding day will be busy, so use the rehearsal dinner as a way to connect with your guests, because you may not get a chance during your wedding.

#5. Do It Practical, Don’t Go Over Budget

Customarily the groom’s parents pay for and plan the rehearsal dinner, but nowadays anything goes! For whoever is paying the bill at the end of the night, there is no need to deplete your life savings over the rehearsal dinner.  Don’t feel forced to deliver more than what your account can allow.

Host Your Rehearsal Dinner in Morris County at Brooklake Country Club

The rehearsal dinner is a must-do on your wedding to-do list.  Therefore, choose a picture-perfect venue for your rehearsal dinner at the Brooklake Country Club in Morris County, New Jersey.  Brooklake Country Club offers in-house catering service, as well as event planners that can assist in planning all occasions.  Schedule a visit to tour Brooklake Country Club’s scenic, breathtaking, romantic property. Contact us to start planning your momentous event today!

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