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5 Unique Wedding Color Combos for Every Theme

Color schemes are arguably one of the most important yet overlooked details of wedding planning. Your wedding color combo will shape the tone and feel of your reception and ceremony spaces, as well as dictate what kind of décor and floral arrangements you choose to decorate with. Choosing a unique color palette for your wedding is key to making your big day stand out! Continue reading to discover unique wedding color combinations for every theme, so you can create a beautiful and visually-pleasing wedding space at Brooklake Country Club’s New Jersey wedding venue.

1. Black, White, and Sage Green

This understated color scheme is great if you are going for a crisp, clean, and classic look. Use mostly white and green throughout your space with accents of black to create an upscale wedding appearance, or use mostly black and green with accents of white to make for a more poetic and romantic wedding vibe. The sage green hue can be easily incorporated by utilizing greenery in bouquets and centerpieces, while the black and white colors can be used to highlight the rest of your space, and at the same time, maintain the clean minimalistic look that you’re after. If you’re looking for a little more of a pop, you have the option to incorporate small accents of gold into your décor. You can accomplish this by taking gold candle stands of different heights and putting white candles on them. Cover the bases with leafy greenery and you have yourself a simplistic yet elegant wedding reception space.

2. Shades of Pink, Powder Blue, and White


If your wedding theme is very light, airy, and feminine, then this color scheme is the perfect one to help you visually achieve just that. Pastel pinks and blues can fill any wedding reception with color, but at the same time keeping it soft. Use pink or blush colored drapery to create a delicate feel in your ceremony space and utilize light blue in table décor, like place settings. To emphasize the lightness of these colors, focus on using décor that also has a delicate texture to make your wedding feel very light and breezy. Combine the two colors and design beautiful bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. Light pastel pinks and blues compliment each other beautifully for any airy or bohemian themed wedding in New Jersey.

3. Dusty Pink, Cream and Dark Green

wedding bouquet with shades of pink, cream, and green

This wedding color combo is perfect for a bold or sultry theme. The dark green can add a mysterious element, while lighter colors such as dusty pink, and cream balance it out and ensure that your space still feels open and welcoming. Use the deep green as a table runner or as vases for centerpieces, and allow pops of lighter colors to shine in floral arrangements. If you’re hosting a fall or winter wedding, use heavier fabrics such as dark green velvet tablecloths accented with greenery and delicate blush-colored flowers to create dimension and bring warmth to your wedding reception space.

4. Indigo, Light Blue, and a Pop of Burgundy

If you’re looking for a unique wedding color scheme, indigo, light blue, and burgundy will do the trick. Perfect for any spring or summer wedding in New Jersey, these colors can make for vibrant wedding décor. Light blue can be used to lighten the space while indigo and burgundy will make for a warm and intimate feel. Use indigo for linens and light blue for place settings and centerpieces. Throw pops of burgundy here and there, and this will be sure to create a beautiful tablescape!

5. Deep Teal, Copper, and Peach

This wedding color combo is ideal for spring and summer weddings. The different shades compliment each other beautifully, and you can use different textures to bring your wedding theme to life. This versatile color combo can be used for a more subtle look as well! Achieve this by using peach as your main color and add accents of shiny copper and deep teal. Or, you can use deep teal as your go-to color and add brightness with the apricot and copper hues.

Book Brooklake Country Club for All Wedding Themes

Now that you have unique wedding color combos for any theme you desire, the next, and possibly the most important step is choosing the perfect wedding venue. Yes, it’s true that the colors you choose for your wedding theme will help establish the desired appearance, but ultimately the wedding venue is what makes your theme come to life. Most couples are hesitant about booking a venue until they know what wedding theme they want. Now you don’t have to worry about the theme because whether it is rustic, bohemian, or traditional, Brooklake Country Club is the perfect NJ wedding venue for you! Brooklake Country Club in Morris County, NJ has grand ballrooms for an extravagant wedding, as well as a gorgeous golf course for the greenery needed to achieve a rustic and romantic vibe. With Brooklake Country Club in New Jersey, you don’t have to settle on a theme that you’re unsure about for your big day. When you choose us to host your wedding, you can have one less factor to stress about and achieve peace of mind knowing that your theme and color scheme will come to life beautifully at our picturesque wedding venue in New Jersey.

Scenic Wedding Venue in Morris County, New Jersey

 When it comes to breathtaking wedding venues, Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park, New Jersey is in a class all its own. Our gorgeous ballroom and exterior grounds allow for your dream wedding vision to come to life right before your eyes, no matter what type of wedding you are hoping for. Brooklake Country Club’s diverse grounds are the perfect location for both large wedding parties or intimate affairs. To host your ideal wedding, a beautiful venue is not all you need. Brooklake Country Club’s in-house catering and event planning staff will help you every step of the way in creating your dream day. Contact us today to start the process of planning your dream wedding with ease. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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