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a table formally set for a holiday dinner party with a lit Christmas tree in the background

5 Creative Holiday Party Ideas

a table formally set for a holiday dinner party with a lit Christmas tree in the background

The holidays are finally here! One of the best things about the holidays is the amount of opportunities to get together with your loved ones, friends, and coworkers to celebrate the season. To make your celebrations even more memorable, host a themed event that switches up what people think of as a “traditional” holiday party. Read on for five creative holiday party ideas that are sure to delight your guests and make your event one to remember.

1. Holidays in the Tropics

Winter in the Northeast is cold, so wouldn’t it be nice to bring back warm memories of summer with a tropical-themed holiday party? Turn your holiday event venue into a luau with flower and leaf wreaths, seashell and coconut-decorated tables, and lots of lantern candles. The menu can incorporate Caribbean and Hawaiian favorites to give your guests a true vacation resort dinner. Feature tropic-specific drinks such as piña coladas and daiquiris on the menu, complete with paper cocktail umbrellas!

2. Christmas Carol Karaoke

A classic karaoke party is never a bad idea! Bring a karaoke machine to your venue and blast everyone’s favorite Christmas carols. Spice things up by holding a karaoke competition, where guests can either go solo or pair up into groups to compete against each other for a #1 prize. For décor, you can cover the tables with song sheet-patterned tablecloths, along with a ballot sheet for your guests to vote on the winners of the night!

3. Masquerade Ball

This creative holiday party theme can be either formal or full Mardi Gras! The masks are the most important component of this party’s theme. You can supply them to your guests or ask them to bring their own. If you want your holiday party to be formal, ask your guests to dress up as lavishly as possible to match their masks. For an unofficial Mardi Gras parade, give your guests tons of beaded necklaces to wear. This is definitely a party you’ll want to employ a serving staff for so that hors d’oeuvres and other light finger foods can be served to guests, giving them time to mingle and find out who’s who behind the masks!

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

Bring Halloween back at this dark, eerie themed party. Mix the spooky and holiday-inspired décor, such as spider webs on Christmas trees and pumpkins wearing Santa hats. Make sure black and red are heavily featured colors throughout your venue decorations. The party playlist can feature both classic holiday carols and haunting Halloween tunes. You can even invite your guests to wear costumes so that it’s almost like a second Halloween party!

5. Roaring 20’s

The Roaring 20’s may have been a century ago, but the decade’s joyful party-till-we-drop theme will never go out of style. This is another opportunity for your guests to dress up – this time as flappers and gangsters. The great thing about having a 1920’s themed party is that there are so many elements of the era to choose from when decorating. You can transform your venue into a speakeasy complete with secret card invitations your guests need to enter, or host your very own jazz club with a live band and a night of ballroom dancing that ends in a champagne toast to the holidays and the New Year!

Holiday Parties at Brooklake Country Club

There are so many themes and ideas to choose from when planning your holiday party, and finding the perfect venue to accommodate your plans can be difficult. Brooklake Country Club is one of the top event and wedding venues in New Jersey, offering beautiful grounds and banquet halls perfect for any party idea you may have. In addition, Brooklake Country Club also features a world-class catering service with award-winning chefs that can specialize your holiday menu to fit your party’s theme. Contact us today to begin planning a holiday party that your guests will be talking about well into the new year!

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