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4 Wedding Color Trends for Summer 2019

Wedding season is officially here! Every year, couples and wedding planners alike come up with new trends and color schemes that give their weddings an up-to-date, modern feel. This year, we are seeing a mixture of retro, classic, and new modern colors coming together to create stunning color palettes. Incorporating these colors are sure to make your wedding a unique event while staying in trend for the season. Here are four colors that couples are loving this summer!

1. Retro Rusts and Yellows

The ’70s are back in style, and it’s making its impact in the wedding world! The two colors that are making a comeback as beautiful wedding color themes are rust and yellow. These two colors are perfect for a summer wedding, as it will give the festivities a retro and warm seasonal feel. Rusts and yellows are those pops of color that will make a statement whether you use it for your wedding party attire, stationery, or floral decorations.

2. Dusty Roses & Mauves

Dusty rose is a pretty muted pink that serves as a modern-day neutral. Mauve, which is a pale purple is the perfect toned down shade to the classic purple. Mauve was very popular in the ‘80s and is now considered a neutral shade. These colors have been on trend for a while now because they both radiate romance and elegance. These cool shades are sure to bring a beautiful contrast to the hot summer weather on your wedding day. Pair them with grey and light lavender to create a feminine color palette fit for the most beautiful of brides.

3. Sage

Continuing on the cooler side of the color spectrum, sage is a refreshing green color that evokes a natural feel along with new beginnings. Many plants, such as succulents as well as shrubbery naturally have a sage tint to their leaves. Incorporate the color using these plants as decorations or even confetti as you celebrate your wedding ceremony. Sage also pairs beautifully with silver and white – take full advantage of this with your floral arrangements and bouquets. You may want to consider pairing succulent plants with fresh white roses to decorate your reception tables and chairs. This is sure to make your wedding trendy but timeless.

4. Jewel Tones

If you want to indulge in summer’s bold colors, go for rich jewel tones such as canary yellow, emerald, or violet. They will stand out and make your wedding a memorable event for years to come! The easy part is that since these colors are so vibrant you don’t have to think of a palette to pair them with – instead, pair these daring colors with neutral black or white so that they can take the center stage as your wedding’s color theme.

Wedding Planning at Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park, NJ

When choosing the right color theme for your wedding, think about how the colors will look when photographed, on your wedding party and of course the decor. Your wedding venue should provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding colors to shine through. Brooklake Country Club offers picture-perfect grounds and banquet hall. In addition, we offer a world-class catering service as well as wedding planners that can help you conjure up your dream wedding. Contact us to schedule a tour of our scenic property and start planning your perfect wedding today!

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