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a man's hand holding a vintage microphone at the front of a banquet hall room

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Entertainment for Your Event

a man's hand holding a vintage microphone at the front of a banquet hall room

When you’re planning an event, from a wedding or birthday party to a corporate celebration, the right entertainment can make or break how fun your celebration turns out. Whether it’s a keynote speaker, a live band, dancers, or a comedy show, the entertainment will be one of the most memorable parts of the night. Here are four tips for choosing the best entertainment when planning your event to help you make sure your guests have the best time possible!

1. Consider the Purpose of Your Event

While the purpose of entertainment is to make the event more entertaining for your guests, the entertainment should also tie into the theme and purpose of your event. The music playing at a funeral reception, for example, would be very soft compared to music being played at a graduation party. If you are holding a charity event, the entertainment can be a great way to display the values behind your cause and an extra opportunity for your guests to fundraise. A children’s choir, for example, would be a great entertainment option at a school’s charity event.

2. Know Your Audience

The guests at your event will ultimately decide how the night is going to go. Therefore, make sure that the entertainment you choose will make them feel welcome and entertained. For example, a crowd of teenagers at a Sweet 16 may not want to sit through a live rendition of classic songs, while on the flip-side, the crowd at a wedding reception may expect something more traditional. A good idea is to compile a list of two to three entertainment options on the invitation, and ask your guests to vote for their preferred option. That way, the entertainment you choose for the event ends up being exactly what the majority wants.

3. Choose Your Entertainers Carefully

Booking the entertainment for your event is not a one-stop deal. The entertainer, whether they are playing recorded music or performing a live act, is devoting a large chunk of their time to be at your event. Because of this, you must accommodate them as well as your guests. Carefully vet your entertainment options and make sure that they are the right fit for your party. Are they professional and willing to follow specific directions? Will the content of their performance be appropriate for your event’s audience?  You should also create a back-up plan in case something goes wrong and your first-choice entertainer is not able to make the event. Choosing your entertainment will be a large part of planning the event itself, so it is best to be cautious and plan for every option.

4. Consider the Event Venue

Entertainers may require certain venue specifications in order to perform, such as sound and lighting equipment, space, and so on. For most events, a large banquet hall would be best for accommodating any kind of entertainment you may want to have at your celebration, as there would be enough space for the entertainment to perform as well as for the guests to watch.  If you want the event to take place outside, make sure there are appropriate accommodations in case of rain or snow. Once you have chosen your perfect venue for your event, your entertainment choices will come more easily.

Entertaining Events at Brooklake Country Club

Booking the right event venue will benefit you greatly in choosing the right entertainment, as well as streamlining the rest of your event planning. Brooklake Country Club is sure to provide a perfect and memorable backdrop for any event you can dream of, from weddings to mitzvahs to retirement parties. As a country club, we have a dedicated team of professionals that can help you plan and bring your perfect event to life at our picturesque grounds and banquet hall. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our grounds or for help making your next event the best it can be!

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